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Based on your selected package, your digital marketing strategy will be ready within 15 days (Compact) or 30 days (Standard & Advanced) from submitting the payment and filling out the online form.

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Behind The Scenes of Preparing Your Marketing Strategy

TACTICS® Planning Model

Your Strategy Ingredients

SITUATION ANALYSIS - Business Strategy

We investigate your brand’s current situation, capabilities & activities to discover its strengths and overcome the weaknesses online in addition to gaining a complete picture of what’s influencing profitability in your industry.

APPROACH - Business Strategy

We work together on fortifying your company's culture, long and short term strategic goals & intend, operations objectives and developing your competitive advantages and overcoming challenges.

TARGET AUDIENCE - Marketing Strategy

We boldly state your positioning and based on it we work on segmenting your target market and defining your personas.


We support you in growing your market share & profits through upgrading your business model in an innovative way to meet the digital marketing transformation..

TRAJECTORY - Marketing Strategy

We determine your customers’ buying journey, touch point map and sales funnel to simplifying the customer lifecycle stages from users, customers, to evangelists.

COMMUNICATION - Marketing Strategy

We set up the methods of your online activities including what your organization wishes to share with the public based on your market sophistication level and your client’s sales journey.

COORDINATION - Marketing Strategy

We help you to synchronize between online and offline channels to achieve an omni-channel experience that creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out.

ACTION PLAN - Operational Strategy

We help you drive your digital marketing strategy into reality with a detailed implementation process.


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