Top Micro Social Media Influencers To Follow

Last updated on: 15 May 2021
Written by: Joe Ghantous, Founder & CEO at Right Service

Who are the micro influencers?

Micro Influencers are social media active users with a fan/follower base between 1,000 to 100,000. They mainly focus on a specific niche or area and are generally regarded as an industry expert or topic specialist.

This type of influencers is best known for their dedication to their audience and their high interaction rates.

Micro Influencers in the Middle East

In this blog post I’ll be mentioning the top micro-influencers in the Middle East that you need to follow in order to help you and your brand to know which social media influnecers to connect and collaborate with.

Note: We prepared this blog post to highlight on these influencers, therefore they are mentioned below in a random order.



Zeinobia is blogger, journalist & photographer where she freely express her views.


Raneem Ghassan

Raneem in the first place is a med student. She benefits from her online platforms to spread positivity and share her personal life.


Gina Maayah

Gina is a beauty, hair, fashion & lifestyle blogger. She loves fashion, photography and hidden gems!

farah mourad

Farah Mourad

Farah is passionate about beauty, fashion and style. She participated recently in MBC show “Beauty Match” and was a winner.


 Laila Samman

Laila is an active social media influencer who shares her passion about fashion, and style with her followers. 


Sara Al Darawsheh

Sara is passionate about beauty, fashion and style. She was on of the participants at MBC show “Beauty Match”.

amy nasri

Amy Nassiri

Amy is a beauty, fashion & lifestyle influencer. She loves fashion, photography and modeling.


Batoul Andoura

Batoul is a face model. She is also passionate to share her fashion style with her followers.

Chris salloum

Chris Salloum

Chris is a blogger and social media influencer with huge passion for fashion.

sarah moussa

Sarah Mouaness

Sarah is an active social media influencer who reflects her passion about fashion and beauty online.


Sossi Wartanian 

Sossi is a well-known public figure and the editor in cheif of Layalina Magazine


Mandy Merheb

Mandy is the fashion and beauty editor of Jamalouki magazine and website. She is also a celebrity stylist.



Layla is a fashion and beauty influencer. She passion had pushed her to participate in MBC Beauty Match.


Roua Almawally 

Roua is a talented fashion designer behind “Roua Brand”. She shares her passion about fashion with her social media followers


 Zainab iskander

Zainab is a public figure, jewellery designer behind “Kahramana Jewellery” and a business women.


Samah Wahbeh

Samah is the founder of “The Jewelry Tales”. She is also a senior TV presenter and producer at MBC 4

Top Micro Influencers in The Middle East

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