4Ts Digital Marketing Concept

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A Lebanese Concept That Can Be Implemented Globally

By Joe Ghantous Founder of Right Service

In March 1950, Willie Sutton, a prolific American bank robber, was asked by a news reporter about why during his 45-year criminal career he only stole banks. Willie simply answered, “Because that’s where the money is”.

When it comes to business, the reason why you should focus on marketing is the same, that’s where the money is!

People missed the real meaning of marketing, they thought it was advertising, branding, or promotion. Here below is a simple way to understand the meaning of marketing.

Imagine a health conference is coming to town and you paint a sign saying “A large health care conference is coming this Saturday” that’s advertising. If you put out the sign on the back of a truck and drive it into town that’s a promotion. If the truck was well decorated and the local newspapers write about it, that’s publicity. If the town citizens go to the conference, you show them how much knowledge they’ll get, explain to them how prevention being better than cure and push them to register to this conference, that’s sales.
But if you planned the whole thing, that’s marketing.


Jerome McCarthy

Philip Kotler


Willie Sutton

Marketing is the Strategy You Use for Getting Your Ideal Target Market to Know You,
Like You and Trust You Enough to Become a Customer.

The modern marketing era started in 1960 when Jerome McCarthy came up with the “4P’s of Marketing” concept (product, price, promotion, place) that sets up controllable variables to help brands influence their buyers’ response. After 7 years, Philip Kotler, the father of modern marketing, had popularized this concept in his book & make it the marketing bible. In the late 70’s it was widely acknowledged by Marketers that the “Four Ps” should be updated. This led to the creation of the Extended Marketing Mix in 1981 by Booms & Bitner which added 3 new elements to the 4 Ps Principle (People, Processes & Physical Evidence)

The digital age took off with the coming of the internet and development of the web 1.0 platform (1989) when users were allowed to find the information they wanted but not allowed to share this information over the web. During the late 1990s, simple company websites that were text-based began to flourish. They were initially utilized to provide information about a company’s products or services.

The first company to have a digital marketing campaign was Bristol-Myers Squibb to promote their Excedrin product.

Today, hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year on the marketing business and marketers start to readjust their strategies to meet the progressive changes in consumer needs, similar to what a football coach does to win the world cup.

Being a Digital Marketer Is Like Being a Coach of a Football Team ​

You are the coach of the national football team participating in the world cup.

Your job as a coach is to create a winning team that will hold the world cup trophy. You’ll need first to build a great strategy, to win this international championship, that may lead your team toward the right timing, the right passes, and the right sprints toward the goal.

A professional digital marketer should do the same when it comes to growing his businesses in the digital age. Where he needs to start with having a clear vision, precise tactics on how to empower his team, look into each possible solution, predict the possible outcomes, and pick the wisest choices through a well-formulated digital marketing strategy.

But as a smart coach you can’t win the world cup alone though, you need a team including the best players and substitutes supported with assistants, someone focusing on the defense, another guy for the attack, another again trains the goalkeepers.

Digital Marketing players are the channels & tools marketers use to achieve their goals. For instance, Social Media Marketing is a Channel whereas the actual networks — Facebook, Instagram, etc. — are the tools. They will help to drive the team to perform at its best and achieves goals.

There are infinite options in both Football and Digital Marketing yet you don’t go for every possible solution, you choose the smartest solution and you push through it as you go. 

As experienced football coach, you must be aware that not all football legends are born some are formulated by hard will and professional training. You as a coach should continuously evaluate your team and work on potential star players to become legends. 

Whereas digital marketers should follow the same plan, always evaluate their available resources and empower the potential capabilities of their team, to reach their goals smoothly and quickly. 

To win the world cup, your team must out-perform other teams and to do so you must be of course going throughout each game and tracking your team's performance by looking at your teams' possession rate, the number of passes and shots, fouls, and cards. These are your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Smart digital marketers follow the same analogy by continuously tracking their strategy, used tools, and team's capabilities to be aware of any future bump or shift.

In brief, whether a football team needs to win the world cup or a business needs to grow in this digital age, they both should have a clear plan/strategy, select and use the right tools, work on developing available capabilities and track the performance throughout the way.

This success formula was combined in my marketing concept the "4ts of Digital Marketing Operations" 

On January 9, 2017, I Came Up With the 4Ts® Marketing Concept

After more than 50 years from the introduction of the 4P’s, I think the time has come to create a new marketing concept that meets the digital age & allows brands to simply manage & implement any digital marketing activity.

On January 9, 2017, after 17 years of experience in digital marketing and studying the market requirements and analyzing the active digital marketing campaigns, I have come up with the “4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations” a Lebanese marketing concept that can be implemented internationally.

The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations is a new marketing concept that combines and derives benefits from its 4 factors of success (Tactics, Tools, Training & Tracking) to cost-effectively accomplish the operations’ desired goals and objectives.

This marketing concept is flexible and tailored to meet all business sizes:

1- If you have a small & medium-sized company that is operating without a digital marketing strategy, then the “4t’s of Digital Marketing Operations” is your solution.

2. If you are an individual with a free profession (Doctors, lawyers, Public Figures….) then “The 4t’s of Personal Online Branding” fits you, especially that nowadays the personal branding becomes the company brand.

3. If you are a member or have a big company with running digital marketing operations then the “4T’s in Reverse” is good for you to benchmark & evaluate these operations.

Think Of “Digital Marketing Operations” Like Flying A Plane!​

  • Would a pilot take off without a flight plan, inspecting the plane, and ensuring that it has enough fuel to make it to the final destination? (Tactics).
  • When taking off, would the pilot shut down the instrument panel and silence the radio while flight? (Tools).
  • Can anyone fly a plane without learning how to drive it? (Training).
  • When taking off, would the pilot turn off the radar? (Tracking)

Of course not, without a flight plan, training, radar & the instruments, especially the radio the pilot wouldn’t be able to detect any threat, know how the plane is functioning; and communicate about the flight plans. He could look out of the window (similar to what most digital marketers do today) but would not have enough scope of vision to keep the plane safe. Eventually, the pilot would be flying blind.

4Ts®-CEO Mindset

A CEO of a successful business in the digital age must have the “4Ts-CEO” mindset in which he says:

“I need a new planning model that helps me to create a never seen before digital marketing strategy for my business”. (That represents the first T – TACTICS planning Model)

“I want to build an in-house automation customer acquisition system” (Representing the second T- Tools)

“I want to create an in-house all-stars team with digital skills” (Implementing the third  T – Training) 

“I want a real-time tracking solution measuring the performance of my online operations and their effect on the offline conversions” (Using the forth T – Tracking)

Opening Moves in the 4Ts® Marketing Concept

You can think of your business as a chess game.

To win a chess game, smart players use unexpected chess opening moves, the same analogy must be followed by businesses, where their marketing team should start with preparing a competitive business strategy, or outsourcing it to an agency, denoted in the 4Ts® marketing concept as TACTICS ® planning model, in order to tap into unseen opportunities and set them apart from their competitors.

This powerful lesson used in the 4Ts® marketing concept was embedded in Netflix’s latest hit series The Queen’s Gambit, where we were taught that successful chess players know that a strong opening can become the difference between winning and losing the game and this is what gives them an early competitive edge over their opponents.

4Ts® Board of Professional Consultants

On June 1, 2020, we were proud to launch the “4Ts® Board of Professional Consultants” that is founded by a group of notable university instructors and academics, having the main role of continuously developing the “4Ts® of Digital Marketing Operations” concept and introduce it to the international landscape.Like You and Trust You Enough to Become a Customer.

Watch Joe Ghantous Talking About His Marketing Concept The 4ts® Of Digital Marketing Operations

This Session Was Live on January 13, 2021

During this session, Mr. Joe Ghantous, Founder & CEO at Right Service for digital marketing, covered the main main goal of marketing and how it had developed through out the years, along with covering in details his own concept the “4Ts of Digital Marketing Operations” and its role in companies digital transformation.

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