TACTICS Planning Model

TACTICS Planning Model

“Will Rogers” once said, if advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn’t have to advertise them.

A very profound observation, especially in the digital age, where it’s so much easier to talk about a product, while the priority is for preparing an innovative digital marketing strategy that can create and develop sustainable competitive advantages for your products and then keep to the technological tools and word of mouth to advertise the good job you did.

That is why the” TACTICS® planning model” is mentioned as the first pillar of the 4Ts® marketing concept representing the basic part of your brand’s digital marketing transformation and development. It is the “how” of everything (who, what, where, when & why), simply it is your digital marketing strategy with a digital transformation twist that aims to boost your business growth and succeed in the digital transformational age, help you achieve your business objectives & generating more online & offline leads.


Help you to gain a complete picture of what’s influencing profitability in your industry in additional to evaluate your brand’s current situation, capabilities & activities to discover its strengths and overcome the weaknesses online.


Help you determine your main digital marketing operations’ goals, review your brand ideology & amplify your brand’s competitive advantage.


Help you define the kind of people you’ll be talking to, how to speak to them, where to find them, and what they want from your brand.


Help you plan to grow your market share and profit through product & service innovation.


Help you assign your customers’ buying journey to understand their purchasing behavior​ along the way until they become advocates.


Help you set up the methods of your online activities including what your organization wishes to share with the public.


Help you synchronize between your online and offline marketing operations.


Help you drive your digital marketing strategy into reality with a detailed implementation process.

Joe Talks About TACTICS Planning Model​

Watch Joe Ghantous, CEO at Right Service during his online session that was live on May 26, 2021 while answering the question about the role that “Right Service” is playing today in preparing and implementing strategies for businesses


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