Strategy Courses


An excellent strategy puts companies on the competitive map, but its strong execution that keeps them there. The implementation of the great strategies that we prepared is the ultimate goal of our work. For this reason, we have prepared a special workshop on how to implement successful strategies in the digital age, organized within companies wishing to implement their strategies, regardless of who attended those strategies.

This workshop will discuss the following topics:

A- Introduction

  1. The phenomenon of failure in implementing designs
  2. Implementing the strategy is similar to flying a kite.
  3. Factors Contributing to the Gap

B- In-house Strategic Foundation Includes

  1. Organizational Culture
  2. Strategy Tracking Policies

C- Strategy Implementation Guiding Principles

  1. Acknowledge That Strategy Delivery Is Just As Important As Strategy Design.
  2. Accept That You Are Accountable For Delivering The Strategy You Design.
  3. Dedicate and mobilize the right resources.
  4. Leveraged insights on customers and competitors
  5. Be bold, stay focused, and keep it as simple as possible.
  6. Promote team engagement and effective cross-business cooperation
  7. Demonstrate bias towards decision-making, and own the decisions you make
  8. Check ongoing initiatives before committing to new ones.
  9. Develop robust plans, but allow for missteps. Fail fast to learn fast
  10. Celebrate success and recognize those who have done good work

D- Case Studies

Unlocking Sales Potential: Leveraging Social Selling and Employee Advocacy on Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for businesses to connect with potential buyers and drive sales. Social selling and employee advocacy on social media are two strategies that can significantly enhance an organization’s sales efforts. This workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of these strategies and how they can be effectively implemented to maximize sales potential.

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