Saudi Influencers List

The golden list of the 200 social media celebrities in Saudi Arabia.

We present to you a comprehensive list of the most influential individuals on social media platforms in Saudi Arabia, complete with their account details and contact information, as well as pricing information for publishing content through their channels.

This golden list serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to maximize their reach and impact on social media in Saudi Arabia.

The list contains the following:

  • Name
  • Sector
  • Social media handles
  • Number of followers
  • Contact information
  • Rate card (if available)
  • Engagement rate


USD 290 (one-time fee)
Instead of USD 490 for a limited time

You will get the list of Saudi influencers including all mentioned information as an Excel file.

Recognizing the critical role that professional data on influential figures plays in the success of marketing campaigns, we have meticulously compiled a directory of the 124 most effective influencers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These individuals were carefully selected from a vast pool of candidates based on their proven track record of delivering results in the Saudi market, drawing on the 20 years of experience “Right Service” has accrued in the industry. Our comprehensive listing includes all the necessary information required to connect and collaborate with these influencers, sparing our clients the time-consuming task of conducting research or committing to expensive monthly subscriptions.

Click here for a sample list of golden influencers.

In addition to the first list, we offer a comprehensive additional list of over 50 macro-influencers on TikTok in Saudi Arabia, complete with their contact information. This directory serves as a valuable resource for those seeking to engage with prominent TikTok influencers in the region and maximize their social media impact.

Click here for a sample of TikTok influencers

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Extra valuable gifts: (PDF file)

First: An advanced strategy for dealing with influencers, prepared by Right Service Digital Marketing Company.

Second: Ready-made message templates for communicating with influencers (in Arabic, suitable for use by e-mail or WhatsApp…)

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