Our Story

Right Service Success Story​

With over two decades of experience since our inception in 2000, Right Service® has transformed from a pioneering hybrid marketing strategy agency into an industry leader that embraces the digital age’s dynamic landscape.
Our Evolution: On January 9, 2017, Right Service® embarked on a journey to redefine the digital marketing arena. We introduced an innovative marketing concept, the 4Ts Of Digital Marketing Operations®, alongside our strategic planning model, TACTICS®. This marked our commitment to driving digital marketing into a new era.
A Harmonious Fusion: Today, Right Service® continues to uphold its legacy as a hybrid marketing strategy agency while embracing the ever-evolving digital world. We’ve expanded our offerings to meet the demands of the modern age. We now boast a cutting-edge production studio, specializing in crafting compelling short videos.
Short Videos for the Digital Age: Our studio focuses on producing engaging, short-form videos designed primarily for platforms like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts, where attention spans are limited, but creative possibilities are boundless.
Influencer Collaboration: We’ve also merged into the world of influencer marketing. Collaborating with influencers who not only endorse but actively use the brands we represent, we create authentic, attention-grabbing content that resonates with audiences.
Driving Exposure and Engagement: For our brand partners, we offer a unique proposition. Invest in us, and we’ll create remarkable content that transcends your channels and also graces the influencers’ platforms. This ensures maximum exposure and audience engagement.
Ad Spend Management: We go a step further by managing your ad spend through the influencers’ accounts and others. This strategic approach optimizes your marketing efforts and ensures every dollar spent translates into results.

Our Vision: At Right Service®, our vision is clear – we bridge the gap between tradition and innovation, seamlessly combining time-tested marketing strategies with the digital age’s trends and technologies. We are the architects of your digital success, crafting strategies that work and videos that captivate in an ever-changing landscape.

Welcome to the new era of digital marketing with Right Service®.

Our Mission

Crafting Innovative Strategies for Digital Excellence.

Our Brand Promise

Under-Promise and Over-Delivery

Our Big Hairy Audacious Goal

To be the top one digital marketing strategy agency in the world

Our Values

– Excellence
– Consistency
– Achievement
– Honesty
– Learn & improve continuously
– Never give up
– Teamwork

Our Company Culture

Clan culture ‘one big happy family’

Meet Our Managerial Staff

joe2 pic

Joe Ghantous

Founder & CEO

2_Bothaina Hassan_Director of Marketing and Digital

Bothaina Hassan

Director of Marketing

3_Lina Sawaya_Director of Strategy

Lina Sawaya

Director of Strategy

4_Jouman Hassan_Social Media Manager

Jouman Hassan

Social Media Manager


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