Strategy for Winning Elections 2022

Strategy for Winning Elections 2022

Digital Marketing Strategy and Campaigns for Winning Political Elections

A successful political campaign wins the hearts of a broad range of voters through a carefully crafted strategy.

With all the digital transformation the world is facing today, people’s behavior and tendency to be convinced became different and much complicated. Therefore, having a traditional election strategy and campaign is no more the solution. On the contrary, adopting digital strategies and approaches had proved their effectiveness in election campaigns with great winning examples of Barack Obama & Donald Trump.

Right Service® will be putting its 21 years worth of experience in digital marketing to help you prepare your digital marketing strategy and campaign for winning political elections 2022.

Win Your Elections

Strategy Ingredients

Based on TACTICS Planning Model® of the 4Ts® Marketing Concept

SITUATION ANALYSIS – Business Strategy

We will carry out an in-depth online analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all election candidates, including yourself and perform historical analysis on past election results and campaigns.

APPROACH – Business Strategy

We work together to define your election campaign’s goals and its success criteria based on the voter goals and vote targets for the election campaign.

TARGET AUDIENCE – Marketing Strategy

We define a clear segmentation and target personas for three different voters groups: your voters, the opponents’ voters, and the undecided voters. ​

INFLUENCE – Marketing Strategy

We help you utilize local social media influencers who have a positive impact on your target audience or to benefit from your shared online content to influence your target audience

TRAJECTORY – Marketing Strategy

We determine your voters’ online decision-making journey and how to turn your target audience into supporters and voters

COMMUNICATION – Marketing Strategy

We set up your online activities & content to include what messages you need to share with your potential voters and on which online channel

COORDINATION – Marketing Strategy

We work together on creating a central messaging hub where all online & offline channels (digital, print media, television ads, and even door to door campaigning) work in unison to make sure your election campaign messages are never diluted and maintained consistent to reach your hot voters at the right time in the right place.

ACTION PLAN – Operational Strategy

We help you drive your digital marketing strategy into reality with a detailed implementation process, including but not limited to creating and managing your website & social media presence, preparing your election campaign needed content, handling your online advertising campaigns, monitoring & optimizing performance, and much more.

Digital Marketing Campaign For Winning Elections 2022

Creating & Handling Online Presence and Campaigns

Zero To Digital Zero

We will support your election campaign in creating a strong online presence and turn it from zero to digital hero through:

1- Building your website

2- Creating or editing your social media presence

3- Managing your social media presence 

4- Tracking your online performance

Cost: Starting USD 2,500, according to the selected & needed solutions

Website Creation

Website is your election main online hub, that can’t be ignored or forgotten.

Right Service is glad to provide you 4 different cost-effective website creation packages:

1. Basic Package

2. Pro Package

3. Premium Package

4. Advanced Package

Each package has it own characteristics, features and website pages number.

Cost: Starting USD 1,000/website

Social Media Posting

If you’re not taking advantage of social media, you’re missing out on a fast, inexpensive, and effective way to reach almost half the world’s population.

That’s why, based on your prepared digital marketing strategy, Right Service will be your partner toward success and support you to have an impressive social media presence through the below 3 steps:

1. Selecting the top platforms to use (based on the strategy)

3. Handle social media posting and management

3. Continuously track performance and optimize accordingly

Cost: Starting USD 650/month and may vary based on the applied job

Social Media Ads

Right Service will be glad to help you in setting up & managing your election social media ads, based on your prepared digital marketing strategy.

Social Media Ad Set Up Phase that includes:

  • Content Preparation (text & visual)
  • Demographic Setup
  • Budget & Timeline setup
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Quality Assurance
  • Campaign Launching
  • Campaign Post Launch Check-points

Set Up Cost: Starting USD 500 per campaign with minimum ad spend: USD 1,000 per month

Mobile Messaging

Mobile messaging is a great way to deliver your election message directly to your target audience. 

Right Service will help you send SMS to update your dedicated database.

Cost: Varies between USD 0.02 and USD 0.05/message according to the total sent quantity

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still today the digital marketing tool with the highest return on investment. 

Right Service is glad to support you in adopting professional email marketing solution through: 

  • Sending targeted emails to your dedicated database through our international platform with automation features.
  • Sending bulk email campaigns targeting our updated lists


  • Targeted: Starting USD 12/month for up to 1000 email sends per month
  • Bulk: Starting USD 100/list

Influencer Marketing

If you haven’t evaluated influencer marketing as part of your election campaign yet, now is a great time to start.

Right Service will support you from the fresh start along the way toward success through offering you a complete Influencer Marketing solution that includes:

  • Prepare Influencer marketing strategy
  • Select & Reach out Potential Influencers
  • Manage & Handle Communication & Campaigns’ structure
  • Create/Consult the campaigns content
  • Measure campaigns results based on the strategy goals

Cost: 20% from the total social media influencer campaign fee

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization solution is important to help your website to be ranked in the first page for specific keywords.

SEO package includes:

  • Determining up to 10 keywords
  • Add the most appropriate SEO structure (page links – url slugs, meta data, descriptions)
  • Set up Google Search Console & Google Analytics accounts
  • Crawl for & edit errors and broken links
  • Monthly keyword ranking tracking
  • Monthly website performance analytics
  • Optimization and error fixation

Cost: Starting USD 500/month

Google Ads

With Google Ads you’ll be visible to the right supporters/voters at the right time.

Right Service will be glad to help you in setting up & managing your Election Google Ads, based on your prepared digital marketing strategy, through the below package:

  • Campaign strategy
  • Keyword research budget & timeline setup
  • Target audience setup
  • Campaign creation
  • Campaign content preparation (needed visual, text, landing page,…)
  • Campaign quality assurance
  • Campaign launching
  • Campaign post launch check-points

Set Up Cost: Starting USD 500 per campaign with minimum ad spend: USD 500 per month

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