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About Joe Ghantous

Joe Ghantous is a Lebanese strategic marketing consultant and a keynote speaker. He is best known as the founder of “Right Service ®” and the “Middle East Social Media Festival and Award ®” in addition to the author of “Employee Advocacy on Social Media” – Book. He developed the concept of the 4Ts of digital marketing operations in 2017.
Joe graduated in Law and Business Administration with class honor. He offers over 20 years of social media speaking and consulting services to B2C and B2B businesses. Joe has been certified as a digital marketing expert from ESA – Business School, Hootsuite University, Facebook & Google.

The 4T's of Digital Marketing Operations - Concept

On January 9, 2017, after 17 years of experience in digital marketing and studying the market requirements and analyzing the active digital marketing campaigns, Joe Ghantous come up with the “4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations” a Lebanese marketing concept that can be implemented internationally.

The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations is a new marketing concept that combines and derives benefits from its 4 factors of success (Tactics, Tools, Training & Tracking) to cost-effectively accomplish the operations’ desired goals and objectives.


Employee Advocacy on Social Media, Book

Employees are the biggest marketing asset that a brand can have, especially after the emergence of social media. Employees can be a brand’s biggest advocates, yet they’re often an unused territory.

  • What this book includes?

Our Founder, Mr. Joe Ghantous illustrates in his book “Employee Advocacy On Social a – The Missing Piece Of Your Marketing Puzzle” how companies can plan, implement and measure an employee advocacy program to win new business, and clarify its importance to employees to boost their own online persona.

This book is made of 10 pieces

  1. Piece 1: Create a Company of Social Advocates
  2. Piece 2: Prepare Your Social Media Policy
  3. Piece 3: Plan your Employee Advocacy Recruitment Strategy
  4. Piece 4: Go for the Most Trusted Employee Advocacy Platform
  5. Piece 5: Implement your Social Media Training Program
  6. Piece 6: Create your Content Strategy
  7. Piece 7: Grow your Employee Advocacy Program
  8. Piece 8: Measure Your Employee Advocacy Program ROI
  9. Piece 9: Determine your Employee Influence using Klout
  10. Piece 10: Manage your Social Media Accounts like a Pro
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