The Caterers Case Study

A Special Occasions Catering Company

Right Service had collaborated with a catering company and supported it with the Pay Per Click campaign. The primary goal of the business, was to generate online leads through their online ordering landing page with the lowest cost per conversion.

For this campaign, Right Service fully prepared and managed a Google Search Ad with mainly two ad groups targeting event planners and those individuals interested in in-house special occasions (birthdays, anniversary,..). As for each ad group there was a group of ad text supporting ad testing and bidding optimization with an aim of reducing the cost per conversion

Through consistent campaign optimization for 1.5 years, the Pay Per Click campaign showed great improvements in terms leads generated and the cost per lead. In the first month of the campaign management the ads received 673 clicks and 11 conversions.

Over the course of the year, the paid search team reached the objective of reducing the Cost Per Conversion to less than $50, knowing how competitive this industry is and the high average per order, also achieved a 37% decrease from the start of the campaign. In addition, the campaign was receiving over 1150 clicks and 48 qualified conversions, expanding the first month result – an overall increase of 336%.

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