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Bufunctional Strategy

“Will Rogers” once said that if advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising, they wouldn’t have to advertise them.

A very profound observation, especially in the digital age, where it’s so much easier to talk about a product, while the priority is to prepare a Bufunctional Strategy that can create and develop sustainable competitive advantages for your products and then keep to the technological tools and word of mouth to advertise the good job you did.

We help you develop and execute strategy* for the digital age.
We offer a unique marketing formula that helped more than 1,200 companies across all geographies and sectors develop and execute a Bufunctional strategy’, based on our TACTICS®  planning model that identifies the opportunities and threats digital transformation will bring to your industry and aid you achieve sustained, profitable growth.

*Merging between business, functional, and operating strategy all in one project.

What we bring to your company?

Information: The data and analyses that take your current situation, capabilities, industry, market position and make sense of it.
Expertise: An experienced operator’s perspective on any strategic problem you are faced and the different ways that it can be solved.
Insight: The rigorous, analytical application of expertise to come up with insights that will help your company succeed.
Execution: The road map to choosing and implementing the changes to be made.

Bufunctional Strategy Ingredients

Based on TACTICS Planning Model

SITUATION ANALYSIS - Understanding Your Digital Terrain

We investigate your brand’s current situation, capabilities & activities to discover its strengths and overcome the weaknesses online in addition to gaining a complete picture of what’s influencing profitability in your industry.

APPROACH - Crafting a Mission for Digital Operations

We work together on fortifying your company's culture, long and short term strategic goals & intend, operations objectives and developing your competitive advantages and overcoming challenges.


We boldly state your positioning and based on it we work on segmenting your target market and defining your personas.

INFLUENCE: Building Industry Impact

Build influence in your industry either by searching for people who have a positive impact on your target audience (social media influencers) or through your content and communication strategy.

TRAJECTORY - Touchpoint Mapping

We determine your customers’ buying journey, touch point map and sales funnel to simplifying the customer lifecycle stages from users, customers, to evangelists.

COMMUNICATION STRATEGY - Crafting Your Digital Voice

We set up the methods of your online activities including what your organization wishes to share with the public based on your market sophistication level and your client’s sales journey.

COORDINATION - Bridging the Online-Offline Divide

We help you to synchronize between online and offline channels to achieve an omni-channel experience that creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience no matter how or where a customer reaches out.

ACTION PLAN - Operational Strategy

We help you drive your digital marketing strategy into reality with a detailed implementation process.

What Does Our Clients Say About Us?

Strategy Packages

We Got You Covered!
Get an idea of what our strategies could look like

So-functional Strategy

per strategy
$ 0

Including Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Bufunctional Strategy

per strategy
$ 0

Including Business, Marketing & Social Media Strategies

Pro-functional Strategy

per strategy
$ 0

Including Advanced Business, Marketing & Social Media Strategies In Addition To Strategy Implementation Training.

For large organizations, a minimum of 100 employees.
Let’s talk, and get in touch to learn more.

Pricing digital marketing services, especially strategy, is always a delicate subject since it’s important that agencies are attractive to customers, but they still need to be profitable.

Digital marketing strategy cost can vary between $5,000 up to $40,000 based on several categories. So keep in mind that getting a fixed price for such a service is hard, therefore we will reveal for you the main factors that agencies take into consideration when pricing a strategy.

Let’s get started!

1. Time Spent: Some digital marketing agencies calculate the time put in preparing the strategy as the main pricing factor that they even charge their clients on the number of meetings/calls done to finalize this strategy. Once searching for an agency to handle your digital marketing strategy always ask if they will charge you per hour or for the whole project.

2. Industry: The type, size, and complexity of the client’s industry are aspects that agencies take into consideration when setting a price for a strategy, since the more complex the industry is, the more staff members, time, research and effort are needed to finalize an effective strategy. So always keep in mind this point when asking for a strategy quotation.

3. What is included: A digital marketing strategy can be summarized as a one-pager or a well-detailed strategy. What does this strategy include will specify the price, whether it is a brief about the competitors, a study about the industry, introduction to the target audience or a detailed strategy that visualizes for the client the road map step by step toward success. When asking for a digital marketing strategy proposal, also ask for the points this strategy will cover, then you can have a better evaluation of the price compared to the outcome.

4. Perceived value: This is where a lot of subjectivity comes in when setting a price for a service. Digital marketing agencies add to their pricing mix the value and proposed ROI their strategy will add to the client’s business. A cost-effective strategy is that drives value to your business, not which saves your budget. This point is hard for you to assess before implementing the strategy and evaluating the ROI, but you can get outlooks according to the agency’s history and reputation.

Digital marketing strategy is a long-term investment and is a complex equation other than just setting up your objectives and timeline. We at Right Service provide our clients with a complete digital marketing strategy based on our formula of success the “4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations” at a competitive price, mentioned below, matching the tough economic situation in the Middle East.

Right Service CEO Talking About TACTICS Planning Model​

Watch Joe Ghantous, CEO at Right Service during his online session that was live on May 26, 2021 while answering the question about the role that “Right Service” is playing today in preparing and implementing strategies for businesses


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