Omniyat Al Mustaqbal Case Study

A Leading Real Estate Marketing Company in KSA

Omniyat Al Mustaqbal is a leading real estate marketing company in the Saudi Arabia and mainly the Eastern Province that has been operating since 2016. Omniyat prides itself on providing its host of regional and international clients with unique opportunities for their commercial and residential real estate needs.

During the three years of operation Omniyat’s team faced a gap between their fast growing brand and their use of digital marketing. This had urged them to contact Right Service for help.

Right Service had supported Omniyat in preparing their digital marketing strategy based on our founder’s marketing concept the “4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations” as well as orient their future online activities through an action plan. Our dedicated team started to study Omniyat’s business by asking them to fill a detailed questionnaire that helped us understand well their type of business, needs, culture, target market, competitors and other main factors. After one month of hard work, “Omniyat Al Mustaqbal” digital marketing strategy was ready. Omniyat TACTICS includes the approach (objectives and focus areas), indicating the main target audience, suggesting an effective communication strategy in addition to highlighting on the needed trajectory to be followed, how to influence the target audience and focusing on the importance of coordination between online & offline activities.

That’s not all, in reference to the prepared strategy we proposed a detailed action plan to be followed by Omniyat with the supervision of Right Service.

As a result, Omniyat now has a complete digital marketing strategy representing the road map they shall work on with all checkpoints to assure the fulfilment of their goals.

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