Junet Case Study

A Leading Juice Manufacturer

Junet is a leading juice manufacturer, Junet team had lately noticed that their notable and trusted brand is missing huge opportunities by not benefiting from what the digital era is providing for businesses. Here is when they contacted Right Service for help. 

After studying well “Junet” current activities and performance and understanding the needs, Right Service took action and prepared “Junet’s” digital marketing strategy based on its marketing concept the “4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations”.

In this strategy, Right Service uplifted “Junet” approach by determining the main objectives (awareness, image and traffic), shaping a new growth strategy based on market development approach and stated its golden eggs (competitive advantage). In addition to that, the strategy identified Junet’s main target audience (end consumer), and suggested an effective communication strategy to transfer the strategy main messages to the identified target audience with suggesting new revenue streams with an aim to increase revenue from other business activities similar to opening a fresh juice shop by “Junet”

In addition to that, the strategy highlighted the needed trajectory to be followed (clients touch points), how to influence the target audience and focus on the importance of coordination between online & offline activities.  

To support implementation, Right Service provided Junet a detailed action plan including the platforms, type of Ads, budgets & timeline.

Junet’s Managing Partner Mr. Jean Stephan and his team, were super satisfied by the presented strategy and action plan, which was shown in their feedback video, below. 

Based on the prepared strategy and defined goals and objectives, the priority was for brand awareness.
For that goal, Right Service created a series of online advertising campaigns.

One of these successful online advertising campaigns was “Google Display Ads”, that we will be sharing its details below: 

A dedicated landing page for this campaign was created, showcasing Junet’s golden eggs and products wide range, which was considered the campaign final destination and conversion. 

After determining the campaign type, objective and conversion, Right Service team started creating the campaign following the professional standards. We created ad groups representing Junet’s target audience, and ad captions as defined in the communication strategy. 

The invested budget for Google Display Ad was $1,400/month for a timeline of 5 months. 

We at Right Service don’t create the campaign and keep it running as it is, we continuously work on tracking and amending the campaign ingredients for the best of the client, with providing a monthly tracking report showing the campaign results. 

Here is a resume on the detailed report that was presented at the end of the 5 months was presented to Junet team showing positive results. Here is a summary for the final report presenting showing the main KPIs. 

Budget Spent
$1,400/month for 5 months: $7000
Gained Impressions
Gained Clicks

During the campaign evaluation meeting, Junet team was astonished with the positive results, as they also noticed the huge interaction on this campaign that was translated into calls and engagement from their target. Also they found the total budget spent very reasonable knowing that Google Ads are more expensive than social media ad and they used to send more than $1,400 on traditional advertising tools.

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