High Grades Case Study

A Notable Educational Institute

Right Service worked with High Grades, a notable educational institute on formulating its digital marketing strategy and developing its online presence to meet the digital age.

We started with preparing a well formulated digital marketing strategy based on the answers of the sent questionnaires for management and students’ parents supported by an in-depth study on the education industry along with analysis on the competition landscape mainly online. After one month of hard work, High Grades had a digital marketing strategy that encompasses:

  • A clear overview on the institute’s strategy intend (5 years’ goal), business and marketing short term goals (for one year)
  • A developed and innovative business model focusing on new revenue streams and key partners.
  • An uplifted positioning with detailed study on the targeted personas’ interests, needs, behaviors, goals and challenges.
  • A step by step touch point map and sales funnel simplifying the registration lifecycle stages.
  • A conclusive communication strategy including the type of content to be shared with innovative methods and models showing how to best distribute this content among the target audience
  • A well-defined step-by-step plan on how to best coordinate between all online and offline activities to achieve an omni-channel experience.

At the end of the strategy, we presented a clear action plan including the suggested online activities from website creation, social media presence creation & optimization to managing & handling online advertising campaigns toward achieving the strategic goals.

The strategy implementation phase included several actions and campaigns based on the set goals and objectives. But as an educational institute the main short-term goal was increasing the number of registered students. This campaign was mainly run on social media:

  • On Facebook – targeting parents
  • On Instagram – targeting young parents & students

The main KPIs for these campaigns were: Reach, Impressions, Conversions & Conversion Rate.

With the right message, exact targeting and our professional team the campaign results were booming with a direct measurable result of 20% increase in registration along with indirect results of awareness, developing image, positioning and consideration for next scholar year registration. 

High Grades strategy implementation phase wasn’t only confined to the social media ads, it covered website optimization & tracking, social media boost ads, content suggestions and much more.

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