GMCS MENA Case Study

A Consulting Firm For Standardize Management Systems

GMCS is a consulting firm established in 2011 with an agile methodology & main goal to standardize systems for businesses. GMCS is based in Beirut Lebanon but operates across the MENA region.

GMCS came to Right Service with the specific goal of creating a digital marketing strategy (Tactics) based on our founder’s new marketing concept “The 4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations”.

After defining GMCS approach and their operations’ objectives (Gain Brand Awareness, pull Traffic to online presence and drive sales), we defined the target audience and influencers, studied in-depth their current situation, prepared the communication strategy, clarified their client’s buying journey and synchronized their online and offline operations.

When the foundation was prepared we set an action plan to help GMCS confidently navigate digital tools with a stunning new website and social media presence alongside effective advertising campaigns that will be managed on Google (Display and Text Ads) and Social Media (Facebook & LinkedIn).

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