Cimar Case Study

C.I.M.A.R And Women's Care Clinic

Marketing in the medical sector is very critical since it should only be about building credibility and a reference-able brand name. 

In this rapid and evolving age, everyone is becoming obliged to move in the digital marketing steam, but doctors are always conscious not to violate their ethics throughout marketing their expertise & knowledge.

Dr. Simar Al Alawieh as a gynecologist with diverse sub-specialties was willing to dive into the digital scene and introduce her patients, in a professional way, what she can offer them at her clinic C.I.M.A.R 

That’s when Dr. Alawieh contacted Right Service to support her in this transformational stage starting with preparing her a digital marketing strategy as well as orient her future online activities through a detailed action plan. 

After studying well “C.I.M.A.R” current activities and performance and understanding well the needs, Right Service took action and prepared its digital marketing strategy based on our marketing concept the “4T’s of Digital Marketing Operations”. In this strategy, 

Right Service shaped up “C.I.M.A.R” approach (objectives and focus areas), identified the main target audience and suggested an effective communication strategy in addition to highlighting on how to prevent and manage any online crisis they face along with setting up the needed trajectory to be followed, how to influence the target audience and focus on the importance of coordination between online & offline activities. 

As a result, “C.I.M.A.R” now has a complete digital marketing strategy and they are ready to start implementing effectively the prepared strategy accompanied by Right Service digital marketing solutions with the supervision of our team.

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