Bureautico Plus Case Study

A Leading Office Furniture Company

Bureautico Plus is a leading office furniture company. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bureautico Plus team had remarked the importance of digital marketing and the urge of transforming.

Right Service was proud to support them in this transformational stage starting with preparing their digital marketing strategy as well as orient their future online activities through a detailed action plan.

We received a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with a detailed action plan. We are looking forward toward implementing this strategy also with Right Service
– Toni Sader, Owner of Bureautico Plus

Our dedicated team studied Bureautico Plus business needs, industry future, target market, competitors and other main factors. After one month of hard working, “Bureautico Plus” digital marketing strategy was ready and included the detailed study about the competition landscape (internationally, regionally & locally), approach (long & short-term objectives and focus areas), restructuring of the available business model with suggesting around 8 new revenue streams. Also in this strategy, Bureautico Plus was clearly introduced to its main target audience with suggesting an effective communication strategy to communicate with them in addition to highlighting on the needed trajectory to be followed and how to influence the target audience.

As a result, Bureautico Plus team is ready to start implementing effectively the prepared digital marketing strategy based on the provided action plan that includes the needed campaign types, timeline and budget.

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