ArabAd Case Study

The First Advertising Magazine in the MENA Region

Is Traditional Media Dead? We say no, but traditional media should apply a new business model that meets and integrates with the digital age and tools. Therefore ArabAd team had put their trust in Right Service 20 years of experience in digital marketing and asked us to prepare their digital marketing strategy, based on our new marketing concept the “4Ts of digital marketing operations”.

This strategy was prepared after a one-month in-depth study on the traditional media industry in general and ArabAd’s situation in specific.

This strategy was so comprehensive and insightful that allowed us to identify our strengths as we were told how to capitalize on it
– Ghada Azzi, Managing Editor at ArabAd

As a result, the strategy had provided ArabAd’s team a group of corrective solutions to adopt starting with uplifting their business model, to adding new brand extensions, target new personas and boost their influence and communication strategy.

ArabAd’s Managing Editor Ms. Ghada Azzi and her team, were super satisfied by the presented strategy and action plan, which was shown in their feedback video. They are ready to start implementing effectively the prepared strategy accompanied by Right Service digital marketing solutions with the supervision of our team.

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