We know that the main power of social media is amplification, and that means that both good and bad news are stories more widely shared than ever before, this is what making brands on social media more naked & exposed and are become an easy target for any crisis.

This what had urged us to support you by presenting this crisis management solution, which will allow you to respond quickly to any potential issue and take control over the social narrative and respond effectively. Alongside this vital crisis management solution we will provide you support from on our 20 years of experience on how to professionally manage your own social media presence by your own working our belief that no one can manage your daily online presence better that you.

Our solutions include:

  • Social media crisis management strategy
  • Creating or editing your social media presence on the needed networks.
  • Training on how to manage your social media presence on the needed networks.
  • Social Media Consulting.

Solution Cost:

- Social Media crisis management strategy & Create/Edit Online Presence:

$1,000 a onetime charge.

- Social Media Training:

$350/ attendee for each workshop

- Social Media Check-up :

$100/ session.

Note: You can benefit from the whole solution options or choose the ones you need.

Why Don't We Do Daily Social Media Management?

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